Products for How to Heal & Recover Following Major Loss or Trauma – PTSD Treatment and Prevention

You don’t have to be there at ground zero to be impacted and even profoundly traumatized by an event as horrific as the Newtown Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Even President Obama cried. Dealing effectively with such challenges requires you to: Phase 1.    Go through the appropriate grieving period with sufficient relaxation that you do not develop post-traumatic stress…

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Goodbye Insomnia MP3

Goodbye Insomnia (MP3 Download)

Goodbye Insomnia How you can get a deep, restful night’s sleep through Guided Imagery, Self Hypnosis, and Theta Wave Stimulation Beautiful flute melodies by Ambika and serene harp performances are woven through Dr. Miller’s gentle hypnotic guidance on this recording will bring you to total relaxation. As you slip beneath the covers each night, this program helps clear your mind…

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Let the New Year Take Your Breath Away [Free Podcast]


Listen to this remarkable message (it ends with some very beautiful and insightful words), go where it takes you, and let me know what you think. Then, pass it on. Continue reading

Sofware for the Mind Logo

What is Software for the Mind?

Software for the Mind is the title of one of Dr. Miller’s books, and also the name he gave to the set of audio mind tools for self-healing and optimal performance he published in 1980. Both were the results of his technical and clinical studies, and those of his colleagues. Dr. Miller had noticed that, seemingly unbeknownst to the mainstream…

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What Is Attention Deficit Disorder?

The Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder This diagnosis was at first reserved for children, but most clinicians now recognize that, although in many youngsters the symptoms abate partially or fully after adolescence, there are many adults who have Attention Deficit Disorder. It is the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric disorder in children, and 5-10% of adults are believed to have clinical…

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Easing Into Sleep CD

Easing Into Sleep (MP3 Download)

Easing Into Sleep Meditative and breathing techniques are taught along the way, as you  float away to a completely relaxing place of peace. Introduction: One of Dr. Miller’s original recordings, Easing Into Sleep is a beautifully recorded program to fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Gentle guided imagery is  narrated by the soothing voice of Dr. Miller offers suggestions  that…

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Buy Abolish Anxiety Now Cd or Mp3

Abolish Anxiety Now! (MP3 Download)

Potent mind-tools to create peace and calm whenever you need it. Introduction: Abolish Anxiety (2 CDs) is another complete self-healing program from Dr. Miller. It brings an effective new way to understand and deal with the symptoms and the causes of Anxiety and Panic. It is designed to be used as a guide to harness the healing power of your…

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The Wise Use of Medications

In the article below, you will find: To Medicate or Not To Medicate, That is the Question Medications Cannot Heal – But They May Help Prescribing Medication: Knowledge, Experience, and Wisdom Medications? Me? No Way! Finding the Right Medication To Medicate, or Not to Medicate: Should I Take Medication? Anti-Anxiety Agents & Mood Stabilizers: To medicate, or not to medicate:…

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A Sample Appointment

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life We are often asked what to expect in a appointment with Dr. Miller. Every appointment, whether for therapy or coaching, is unique, but the following is a common pattern.   Here is a sample of the kind of thing that often takes place during the first few appointments. Please be aware that the strategies…

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Man Meditating at Sunset

What is Meditation?

Beneath the tens of thousands of thoughts you have each day is buried a vast reservoir of peace. Within this peace is a deep source of wisdom, a wise guide that can enable you to know yourself more profoundly and find happiness and success in your life. Meditation is an effective way to connect with that source – a technique…

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Although it takes some dedicated attention, most of us can learn to keep our stress within reasonable bounds. But sometimes fate throws us a curve ball and we end up being exposed to situations so severe that they overwhelm our adaptive capacities (such as military combat, terrorist attack, rape, or a serious accident), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can result….

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